Who we are

 ...“Everything began whilst looking at my father’s hands,

a passion for vines, in particular Pinot Nero.

The magic of snatching moments, doubts, ideas, hope, the desire to succeed,

the emotion of picking the first bunch of the harvest…..transformed into wine, into joy,

enjoying it from the bottle, appreciating unforgettable moments of life...

These are my wines, which tell a tale of emotions, which I am happy to share with you

bestowing carefree, joyful moments.


Dino Torti & Family


 Owned by Torti Family, the “Torti Winery” is situated  in a triangular area between Santa Maria della Versa, Montecalvo Versiggia and Rocca Dé Giorgi, in the area of the Oltrepò Pavese. The position is particularly vocated for the cultivation of vines especially Pinot Nero. The Torti family boasts ancient traditions for the cultivation of Oltrepò Pavese DOC wines. At the beginning of last century Giovanni Torti owned vines in an area which was particularly vocated for wine production. His son Enrico followed in his father’s footsteps with the tradition of grape cultivation and wine production, producing, red, white and sparkilng wines.  The company was further improved by grandson Dino the present owner. The family expanded their vineyards with the purchase of a nearby area called Casaleggio.

Today the family has a vast area of land entirely covered in vineyards, which grapes have been carefully selected to guarantee the quality of DOC and DOCG wines and sparkling wines. The company is in constant evolution; dynamical, always careful of their customers’ changing tastes, thanks also to the genial female intuition of the wife Giusy and their young daughters Patrizia and Laura. Recently the company has completed a total restyling of their products after having planned and produced innovative products such as  ‘San Bacchino’ wines which labels are also written in Braille.