D.O.C. O.P.

  • Piedmont origin vines (Monferrato) they have a relatively young history dating back towards the beginning of 1800.
  • Bright ruby red, vinous aroma, dry, sapid and full to the mouth.
  • Food Pairing: Roasted red meats braised and boiled meats, game and mature cheeses.
  • Serving Temperature: 18° C.

D.O.C. O.P.

  • Native vine also called Croatina it has been cultivated in the territory since 1200.
  • This Bonarda is produced in the still version so as to taste the typical characteristics of our Croatina grapes at their best.
  • Full ruby red, pleasant, intense aroma, typical dry and harmonious to the mouth.
  • Food Pairing: this wine is well matched with spicy foods, rabbit, lamb, poultry, traditional Italian cotechini and zamponi salami, medium mature cheeses.
  • Serving Temperature: 12-14° C.

D.O.C. O.P.

  • Selected Pinot Nero Grapes, hand harvested.
  • Cardinal red with orangey hues; smooth aroma, important ethereal.
  • Taste: mature with aristocratic reminisces of wood. Aged in French Barrique for at least 12 months.
  • Food Pairing: red meat based starters, rabbit, lamb, roast meats, zampone and cotechino, salami, game fowl, mature cheeses.
  • Serving Temperature: 18° C.

D.O.C. O.P.

  • Pinot Nero vinified in white, grapes of antique origins from Burgundy and Champagne. The name derives from the shape of the pinecone shaped bunches.
  • This variety was already present in the Oltrepò in 1600
  • A golden straw coloured wine, harmonic perfumes, elegant with slightly toasted nuances. Dry, full and sapid to the mouth.
  • Food Pairing: hors d'oeuvres, light starters, first or egg bases dishes.
  • Serving Temperature: 8-10°C.