Pinot Nero ``Jack of Clubs``

  • Pinot Nero Vinified in White  ”Fante di Fiori” DOC OP

⚪ Grapes: Pinot Nero 100% hand harvested, the wine has its antique origins in Burgundy and Champagne.
⚪ Vinification: in white (soft pressing).
⚪ Colour: light golden yellow.
⚪ Aroma: harmonic perfume, elegant . 
⚪ Taste: dry, full, sapid.
⚪ Food Pairing: hors d’oeuvres, fish or egg based light starters, light rice dishes, sushi, sashimi, white meats, fish and vegetable tempura dishes.
⚪ Serving Temperature: 12° C


Pinot Nero ``King of Diamonds``

  • Pinot Nero ”Re di Denari” DOC OP
  • Aged in Barrique

⚪ Grapes: Pinot Nero 100% hand harvested from the noble vine “Borgogna”.
⚪ Vinification: traditional in red.
⚪ Ageing: in French Barrique.
⚪ Colour: cardinal red with ruby reflections.
⚪ Aroma: velvety and harmonious.
⚪ Taste: delicate and important, with nuances of raspberries, cherries and spices. Its brief passage in barriques pleasantly highlights its structure.
⚪ Food Pairing: oven cooked fish based dishes, white truffle dishes, starters with red meats, wild fowl, poultry, lamb, cotechino, game, mature cheeses.
⚪ Serving Temperature: 18°C


Pinot Nero ``King of Diamonds``

  • Pinot Nero ”Re di Denari” DOC OP
  • in BURGUNDY bottle   
  • Fermentation in stainless steel tanks

⚪ Grapes: Pinot Nero 100% hand harvested
⚪ Vinification: traditional in red.
⚪ The body of this Wine is fresh, elegant ; the senses will be captured from delicate perfumes of black cherry, strawberry flavors and raspberry that lightly dance upon the palate. Beautifully balanced with vibrant acidity.
⚪ Food Pairing: earthy mushrooms, grilled salmon, white truffle dishes, game dishes, poultry, lamb, cotechino, game, mature cheeses.
⚪ Serving Temperature: 16°-18°C.


Barbera ''Queen of Hearts``

  • Barbera ”Regina di Cuori” DOC OP

⚪ Grapes: Barbera 100%, hand harvested.
⚪ A wine of Piedmont origin (Monferrato), it has a relatively young history (c.1800). 
⚪ “Meditation wine” of a brilliant ruby color; vinous perfume, dry, sapid, full-body taste. 
⚪ Food Pairing: pasta with tomato, roasted red meats braised and boiled meats, pot roasts,  mature cheeses.
⚪ Serving Temperature: 16°-18°C. 

  • This Barbera will be a pleasant surprise ! 

Bonarda Vivace ``ROYAL``

  • Bonarda  ”Reale” DOC OP Vivace

⚪ Grapes: Croatina 100%, hand harvested.
⚪ Indigenous wine of red grapes, also called Croatina it has been cultivated in the territory since 1200.
⚪ Typical of the Oltrepò Pavese is easily recognized by its natural ‘liveliness.’
⚪ Colour: full ruby color.
⚪ Aroma: intense and pleasant.
⚪ Taste: typical, dry, harmonic.
⚪ Food Pairing: Rabbit, lamb, poultry, zamponi and cotechini, salami, medium seasoned cheeses.
⚪ Serving Temperature: 12°-16°C.

  • Typical from Oltrepò Pavese.

Rosè ''Ace of Spades``

  • Sparkling Rosè ”Asso di Picche” V.S. Extra Dry

⚪ Grapes: Pinot Nero & Chardonnay hand harvested, Sparkling Rosè Martinotti method.
⚪ Perlàge: fine e persistant
⚪ Colour: powdery pink
⚪ Aroma: floral, fragrant with fresh fruit nuances of raspberries and woodland strawberries.
⚪ Taste: captivating and harmonious thanks to its well balanced structure. 
⚪ Food Pairing: Excellent with aperitifs, sea foods, sushi and sashimi.
⚪ Serving Temperature: 8°C.