Casaleggio Brut

  • Sparkling White Wine ”Martinotti Method”
  • V.S. Extra Dry 

⚪ Pinot Nero & Chardonnay grapes;  the sparkling is obtained during a long Charmat method.
⚪ Straw yellow with brilliant reflections, pleasant aroma, typically fruity, crisp. 
⚪ Serving Temperature 8°C.
⚪ Food Pairing: excellent aperitif and or for the entire meal.

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Casaleggio Brut Rosé

  • Sparkling Rosè Wine “Martinotti Method “
  • V.S. Extra Dry

⚪ Grapes: Pinot Nero & Chardonnay hand harvested, Sparkling Rosè Martinotti method.
⚪ Perlàge: fine e persistant
⚪ Colour: powdery pink
⚪ Aroma: floral, fragrant with fresh fruit nuances of raspberries and woodland strawberries.
⚪ Taste: captivating and harmonious thanks to its well balanced structure. 
⚪ Food Pairing: Excellent with aperitifs, sea foods, sushi and sashimi.
⚪ Serving Temperature: 8°C. 

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Torti Cruasé Sparkling DOCG Rosè

  • Pinot Noir  DOCG ROSE’
  • Champenoise “Talento Classic” Method

⚪ First year of production: 2007
⚪ Classification: Brut Millesimato
⚪ Harvest: First week of September
⚪ Colour: Pink obtained by a soft pressing with Pinot Nero grape skins.
⚪ Average yield from the vines: 65 quintals per hectare
⚪ Ageing on yeasts: 30 months
⚪ Remuage: manual      –     Degorgement: 2012
⚪ Food Pairing: excellent throughout any meal
⚪ Serving Temperature:8°C

  • Production: Limited Edition in 750ml and Magnum 1,5L bottles

⚪ Torti Cruasé is the maximum interpretation of the expression of Classical Method Rosè DOCG (denomination of origin controlled and guaranteed) produced respecting the territory and culture of the Oltrepò Pavese, terroir of ancient traditions of wine production and grape growing where the hills reach the sky, the air is cool and light and during the harvest, inundated with the fragrance of wine must.
⚪ The name Cruasè derives from 2 very significant words: “Cru” which means ‘selection’ and Rosè which identifies the Rosè Classical method, which distinguishes itself for the selection of grapes which are grown in the most vocated areas of the Oltrepò Pavese situated along 45° parallel a synonym of prestigious oenology.
⚪ Torti Cruasè, a subtle pink with a fragrance of small woodland fruit, a fine persistent perlage, to the mouth, elegant, crisp and fresh, a pleasure to drink during any occasion, sharing and inspiring an array of emotions