Quality wines since 1910

Torti Estate is situated amongst the Oltrepò Pavese hills, historical area of wines and vineyards: a hilly terroir of lime, marl and clay with an ideal climate for grape cultivation, blessed with ascending Ligurian breezes, ventilated, cool summers, harsh and dry winters, with embracing mists from the Padanian Plain.

The main town is Pavia, a charming city of history and arte. A population of friendly, hardworking, genuine people.  A fertile area of culture and passion. Here grapes have been cultivated for more than 30.000 years. Strabone (60 BC – 20 AC) wrote that the abundances of wine in the Oltrepò was witnessed by wooden barrels, bigger than houses. During the middle ages, castles were built in the area and the quality of the wine started to become more and more appreciated.

The Oltrepò Pavese (The Old Piedmont) is smothered in vineyards,  furrowed with  streams  and rivlets,  where  villages, churches and  hamlets appear amongst the hills displaying a dancing array  of colours, geographical features comparable only to those of Champagne and  Burgundy.

45° Parallel ‘half way between the North Pole and the Equator’ as professed along the roads leading to the scenic hills.  Here the harvest lasts longer than any other area of Italy, beginning with Pinot Nero for sparkling, then the red grapes such as Barbera and Croatina (the grapes used for the popular Bonarda). Pinot Nero, which is used for sparkling and also to produce important red wines for aging, plays the leading role.

Oltrepò Pavese: land of ancient winemaking tradition where the hills touch the sky, the air is fresh and light and in the grape harvest has the must fragrance of the wines.