``Wine to us is passion, it's warmth from the heart, family, friends, is generosity of the spirit``

A dry, sapid  Barbera, vinous aromas, aged in barriques, an exceptional Bonarda of antique origins and lastly our Pinot Neros… Vinified in White, still, sparkling, or in barrique, vinified in red or our Sparkling Martinotti Method, Sparkling Classical Method, Cruasè DOCG are the wines we produce with great pride.

Recently the company has completed a total restyling of their products after having planned and produced innovative products such as  ‘San Bacchino’ wines which labels are also written in Braille.

Since 2007 Torti Winery has been producing and distributing the “Glamor” HELLO KITTY Wines & Sparkling By SANRIO License.

Our cellar is equipped with modern wine making machinery and equipment, for the maturation and ageing of the wines. From modern presses to enormous barrels, from barriques to cutting edge bottling and labelling plants. Not to forget ‘the dormitory’ where the classical method wine rests in their pupitres waiting to express its best. Our products are characterized by the care and passion that has been handed down through generations of wine production.

It is a line of wines that boasts a long tradition in the Torti family. Wines able to make the table every day or to give a special touch to a special occasion. White wines, red wines,

Sparkling wines that make every moment a ``Torti moment``. Torti