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    Barbera Grapes
    Aged in Barrique 18 months
    ID: IGT
    A wine of Piedmontese origins (Monferrato), it has a relatively short history, beginning of 1800.
    Wine of brilliant ruby color; vinous perfume; dry, sapid, full-bodied flavor.
    Serving suggestions: pasta with tomato, roasts of red meats, braised meats, game, boiled meats, sausages and cheeses.
    Serving temperature 16-18 ° C.
    Also available in Magnum 1,5L “Limited Production”

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    Pinot Nero DOC OP
    Aged in Barrique
    Grapes: Pinot Nero 100% hand harvested from the noble vine “Borgogna”.
    Vinification: traditional in red.
    Ageing: in French Barrique.
    Colour: cardinal red with ruby reflections.
    Aroma: velvety and harmonious.
    Taste: delicate and important, with nuances of raspberries, cherries and spices. Its brief passage in barriques pleasantly highlights its structure.
    Food Pairing: oven cooked fish based dishes, white truffle dishes, starters with red meats, wild fowl, poultry, lamb, cotechino, game, mature cheeses.
    Serving Temperature: 18°C

    Also available in Magnum 1,5L “Limited Production”

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    IGT white
    Aged in Barrique
    This wine is obtained by the white vinification of Pinot Nero Grapes, vines of antique origins from Burgundy and Champagne and Chardonnay grapes, that are aged for 6 months in French Barrique
    Golden straw yellow, harmonious aroma, honey like, elegant, with toasted hints. Full, dry and sapid to the mouth.
    Serving Temperature 12°C.
    Food Pairing: hors d’oeuvres, light starters, all egg and fish dishes.

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